Remedies For Late Marriage and Early Marriage of Daughter

Remedies For Late Marriage

Remedies For Late Marriage

Parents are always concerned about the marriage of their children and wish that they get married at the right age. Getting married at the right age not only gives them the options of the suitors to choose from but also soothes their anxiety. However, some parents are worried about their daughter’s late marriage and how it will affect her life. So this post is for the parents who need remedies for late marriage of their daughter.

These remedies for early marriage of daughter will help you to get rid of the problems that are causing the delay in marriage. there can be numerous reasons for the delay in marriage… sometimes we don’t find suitable matches for the daughter or sometimes the things don’t work out as we want them to be. But these astrological remedies for marriage problems will be very helpful for you.

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Remedies For Early Marriage of Daughter

Remedies For Early Marriage of Daughter

  1. Sometimes the delay in marriage is caused by the presence of Manglik dosha in the kundali. This dosha makes the marriage difficult and creates hurdles in the marriage process. If you have a Manglik dosha in the kundali you should recite this hanuman mantra, “Om Shriim Hanumantey Namaha”. You should also read Hanuman Chalisa daily, if possible.
  2. One of the remedies for the early marriage of a daughter is to make her observe the Solah somvar fast. She should also worship Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati together every Monday. This is the best remedy for unmarried girls to get married early.
  3. If you are facing the delay in the marriage and your marriage process has become stagnant without any reason chanting this mantra is one of the best remedies for late marriage. chant this mantra 108 times for a month, “Om Hreem YoginimYoginee Yogeshhwaree Yoga Bhayankaree Sakalaa Sthavarraa Jangamasyyaa Mukhha Hridayyamm Mama Vasam akasha Akarshaayya Namaha.”
  4. In an auspicious mahurat take the root of the banana tree and energize it by worshipping it. Keep this root in yellow-colored cloth. You can also worship lord Bhraspati on Thursday for the added benefits.
  5. Sometimes the problems in the marriage are caused by the presence of the planet Venus, Saturn, and Sun in the kundali. If there is an unfavorable planetary position in your kundali, these mantras are the best astrological remedies for marriage problems. chant these mantras 108 times on any rosary daily for at least two months:

Astrological Remedies For Marriage Problems

Astrological Remedies For Marriage Problems

For Venus: “Om Namoh Bhagwatey Rukminni Vallabhayye Swahaa”

For Saturn: “Om Shaam Shaniisshcharaya Namahaa”

These remedies for late marriage are very effective in solving any marriage issue. If you perform them with conviction and faith, they will reward you with the best results. If you face any trouble or problem in carrying out any remedy, please feel free to call us on the given numbers and our experts will recommend you the right way to carry out the remedies. Our numbers are provided on the website and we assure the full privacy of your details!

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