Remedies For Early Marriage and Marriage Delay

Remedies For Early Marriage

Remedies For Early Marriage

Are you worried about your delayed marriage and want to accelerate the marriage process? The thing is that every person wants to get married at the right age and the right time because it reduces a lot of stress. Not only delayed marriages are stressful but it is difficult to get the right marriage partners after a certain age. This is why we are providing you with remedies for marriage that can solve your problems at once.

If you are someone who is spending their days in stress and worry about the marriage, this post will be very helpful in alleviating your anxiety. These remedies for early marriage are the most effective remedies that have helped many people around the world to marry at the right age. These are convenient and easy to follow remedies for delayed marriage that does not require much but just your faith and determination.

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Remedies For Marriage Delay

Remedies For Marriage Delay
So let’s begin!

  1. One of the best remedies for marriage is to observe Solah Somvaar fast. You must worship Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati together on Monday and observe the fast. You can also perform Rudra Abhishek with honey on Monday.
  2. Girls and boys of the marriageable age should recite this Mantra, “Om katyayaani mahabhaag mahayogiiney aadhishivarimm Nand gop sootam devi Patiam mey Kurute Namaha”. Chanting this mantra 108 times on any rosary is one of the best prayer for delayed marriage.
  3. Girls who want to get married early should feed green grass to the cow. They should also offer red sari, sindoor, bindi, and Mehandi to Durga Mata and worship her to remove the obstacles from her marriage. This remedies for early marriage is great for the girls who have Rahu dosha in their kundali.
  4. If you are between the age of 27-32 and you are still finding issues in getting a marriage partner, there might be Manglik dosha in your kundali. One of the best remedies for marriage delay due to Manglik dosha is to offer red flowers and jaggery to lord Ganesh.
  5. One of the prayer for marriage for the couples wanting to get married to their lovers should offer water with milk to Shivlinga on every Monday while chanting this mantra, “Om paarvatipataye Namaha”.
  6. Take the root of a banana tree and energize it by enchantments and worshipping it in the right mahurat. Now keep it in a yellow cloth in your cupboard. These remedies for marriage delay will speed up the process of your marriage.
  7. If you are between the ages of 25-32 and are finding issues in getting married, wear yellow clothes on Thursday and worship lord Bhraspati. You should observe a fast on Thursday and read the vrat Katha. This is one of the best and easy remedies for marriage that has become stagnant or stuck due to unnecessary reasons.

If you need any help or assistance in carrying out any of the remedies for marriage, you can consult our experts on the given numbers. You can also book an appointment for discussing the matters and concerns regarding your delayed marriage and get the best solutions. We assure the privacy of our clients.

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