Prayer for Lover – Prayer To God for A Lover

Prayer for Lover

Prayer for Lover

We all want our love ones to be safe, protected, and happy and for that we pray every day and night. Here is a prayer for a lover that you can read if you have been meaning to thank the Lord for the beautiful, honest, and caring life partner. This prayer to god for a lover is a means and way to thank god for bringing such a beautiful soul in your life with which you can spend your life with.

You can also use the prayer for lover if you have been looking for true love and want to get a good life partner. Sometimes out of loneliness people fall into the trap of the abusive relationships and get heartbroken. To save yourself the heartache and assure that the one you are choosing is the right one for you, the prayer to God for lover will be of great help. It will help you to find the right person and will also ensure that you do not fall prey to the wrong ones. God is always protecting the ones who remember Him with faith and Gratitude.

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Prayer To God for Lover

Prayer To God for Lover
If you are in a romantic relationship with someone and want them to be safe and protected in these uncertain times, then you can raise the prayer or lover. It will protect your lover from harm and negativity and will also make them feel protected. These times are very scary as no one is safe and everyone is suffering from one thing or the other. This creates a shield of protection around the ones we love and always helps them to face difficult times with courage.

The couples who have broken up and want to get back together should also read the prayer for a lover to bring them back. As it is not possible after breaking up with someone to start afresh until all the past issues are resolved. It is not easy to solve the past issues as there is still hatred and misunderstandings regarding past mistakes. The prayer for a lover will not only help you to bring back the lost lover but will also instill understanding to forgive the past mistakes.

Prayer For  A Lover

Prayer For a Lover
Prayer for lover
is given below as:

“Thank you for the loving, honest, and caring partner that you have given me. Protect me and my lover from any negativity. Shield us from the harm and conflicts. Develop love and understanding so that we never grow apart. Guide us in the right direction. May we serve you with our duties and never forget your love for us. In your name, I pray. Amen!”

If you will read this prayer to God for lovers with faith and conviction, you will receive an abundance of blessings from the lord. He will always provide you with love and will never let you down. As prayer is the best way to convey our desires to God, use this prayer to God for lovers as a means to get your wishes fulfilled.

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