How to Make a Girl Orgasm

How to Make a Girl Orgasm

How to Make a Girl Orgasm – 3 Secrets Every Man Must Know

How to Make a Girl Orgasm – 3 Secrets Every Man Must Know at All Costs Čcyber•Communication•Erogenous Zones•Mental Stimulation


You must not always have your cyber phone on during intimate moments with your girl. Women love it when you can communicate with them without using the phone. However, if you forget your phone and carry a Petraeus around with you, you might end up being Romantic without fulfilling her naughtiest fantasies.

If you want to keep the romance alive in your relationship then tell your girl intimate things about what you have planned for the two of you. You can also share about your fantasies while surprising her. The point here is that you need to talk about intimate things and not just sex. This would make her excited and she would want to cozy with you. 비아그라 처방전 없이 살 수 있나요?


The most effective way to talk dirty to your woman is by chatting or titillating her on the phone. You could also drain all the passion out of your conversation and still not be able to lead her to bed. This might be the trickiest tricks you can play with dirty talking.

You can try reading extracts from Kamasutra to brush up with some modern language and expressions. But if you are not familiar with the crude manner of talking than you might want to check out some porn movies and re-enact them. You can also simply read directly from the internet and watch videos on how to talk dirty. How to Make a Girl Orgasm

Erogenous Zones

The most effective way to talk dirty and entice your woman is to focus on the erogenous zones of her body. The idea here is to take your time and touch her in the most unexpected ways. This will make her feel that you are really listening to her and you care about her needs.

The trick here is to trigger the right emotions in her mind. You can say something like, “You know the one that all of the women come and want, don’t you?” and smile. This will instantly paint a mental picture of a desirable man and her fantasies.

Mental Stimulation

Remember we have told you how you can get your girl in the mood in an instant and change her state of mind? Let’s go down the mental stimulation another time. Tell her your dream today and how you dreamt back when you were 15 and how you still think of her. You can also mention some of your past girls and talk about how much you miss them and how you wish you were together. When she has a hot minute of silence, you can then speak about the person you are with and how she is making you feel. This will instantly change her state of mind.


The last card you will play is a big one. Sh parted ways with her and now you are mad for her, but she is also mad for you. What do you do? You need to make her come first. This card says that I am serious and I am ready to lose with you. I don’t want to lose with you, trust me. Think of it this way, you are saying “I don’t want to lose with you” to her and if she feels that you are serious then she will lose with you. I suggest this only for the sake of fun and not for a serious commitment. How to Make a Girl Orgasm

Once you have talked the talk and made her realize that you don’t want to lose with her then the game is yours. Make sure that she agree and fully enjoy your company. When you are with her the rules are pretty simple. Just do what comes natural. If you make her laugh, add some kinky words, if she doesn’t stop you can go kinky and so on. Just remember that no means no. If she says you didn’t know what was going on then you need to say, “oh, you are the best thing that ever happens to me” and don’t stop. Just continue, “you know I love it when you do this or this” and continue. You are making no offers, this is a game and everyone likes a good game.

If you show her that you are enjoying the date and you are taking things more than just a platonic way, then you are projecting to her that you are more than just friends. This is a game that anyone serious about can enjoy. The final piece of the puzzle is that she will be aroused by you and, just as she did in the previous steps, you will find that she will enjoy your company.

Step #2 – Stimulating Her Senses

Once you have talked the talk, and she is lighting up like a light bulb because you are taking her seriously, it is time to get started. You need to know where to touch and how to touch her to make her ready for the insane amount of orgasms that she is about to experience.

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